Operating in 8 European countries, Ellipse sells over 77 million units each year.

Leading provider, Ellipse achieves 70% market share for branded manual razors in France.

Ellipse amounts to 190 razor references, across all ranges :

  • masculine / feminine
  • disposable / system
  • from 1 to 6 blades

Design & co-conception

Co-development of smart design products that meet the market trends and the consumers preferences.

Quality patented blades

Our stainless steel patented blades ensure a highly effective and precise shave. Their open architecture optmises the rinsing process and considerably improves the blades’ service life.

Shaving comfort

Ellipse razors are fitted with enriched lubricating strips and structured comfort guards. They are suitable for the most sensitive of skins. All of the Ellipse handles are ergonomic and perfectly designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip.

Common docking system

A uniquely common docking system: 100% of our refills are compatible with all our Ellipse razors.