Medical devices

Ellipse sells each year 50 million tablets of dental cleaners and 1 million tubes of fixative cream.

Ellipse holds 80% of the market share of the dental cleaners
and 46% of the market share of the fixative creams of the private label in France.



The factory is based in Germany and produces over 1 billion tablets per year.

Our products are made with active oxygen and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 15 minutes.

We market a whiteness formula and a freshness formula.



The factory is based in Spain. It produces 4 million tubes per year.

The formula is zinc-free, BHT-free and enriched with Vitamin E to guarantee an extra-strong and immediate fixation

We offer a classic and a hypoallergenic cream.



The factory is based in Italy and produces 45 million aerosols per year.

It is a formula composed only of natural ingredients, without preservatives, with a 360° technology, which allows the use to newborns.

We offer an isotonic and a hypertonic formula.